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Jake Wang

Founder, Technical Architect

Graduated from Beijing Institute of Technology majoring in Software Engineering, I've been passionate about programming all the time.

Since 2002, I've focused on building robust and scalable enterprise applications, cloud-based services, parallel computing, and in the analyses of large-scale data-sets. I have a vast range of experience, spanning desktop, web, and mobile application dev environments.

In my early career, I worked at a publicly-funded research centre developing financial software for governments. I later joined Oracle, implementing one of their enterprise product suites. I subsequently worked with Thomson Reuters, where I was in charge of a component of a high-concurrency real-time trading system for processing transactions among big international banks.

In last 8 years, I've worked with start-ups and developed a raft of innovative software products, across a range of industries including biotech big-data analytics, music video service delivery, IP (intellectual property) data analytics, and large-scale digital content management systems. I co-founded WiseTime in 2012, which was acquired by an Australian public company (IPH) in 2015.

I love cats! And I am obsessed with long-distance running (Marathon).

Jack Xiang

Product Advisor, Front-end Engineering

Jack is in charge of product design and front-end engineering.

In 2006, he started exploring the world of programming. Now he is a seasoned full-stack developer, familiar with C#, Java, and Python, especially proficient in HTML5/CSS, JavaScript, and SQLite.

In his spare time, he also founded an open source Mind Map tool in GitHub, which has more than 950 stars now.

He is obsessed with cycling and smiling. Take a look!

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