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Download the native, lightweight and cross-platform writing application now, focus on your content and get published automatically.

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for OS X 10.13 or higher
.dmg (gui) 64-bit
.zip (gui) 64-bit
.zip (cli) 64-bit
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for Windows 7 or higher
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.zip (cli) 64-bit
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for Ubuntu 16.04 or higher
.appimage (gui) 64-bit
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.tar.gz (cli) 64-bit

When your download is complete, simply run the Document Node installer. On Linux, before opening it, please add executable permission to the AppImage file.

Document Node - Download Now

Get it from the Linux Snap Store via: sudo snap install documentnode

Get it from the Snap Store

The Linux Snap Store version needs zenity to open external files in the app. Please install via sudo apt install zenity if you don't have zenity.

Supported Platforms

We regularly test Document Node desktop software and command-line tools on several platforms, as listed below. It gives us hints about which operating systems are currently supported.

Although some operating system versions are not listed here, they may work as well. Please report issues to if Document Node doesn't work for your operating system.

By downloading Document Node, you agree to the license terms and privacy statement.