A few more page blocks have been added into this version, which are helpful for creating searching related pages, Help Center pages, and roadmap pages.

We created a top navigation block with a search box, which can be used in websites that encourage users to search content.


Hero page block with search box

We added a new hero page block with a search box. It's a great candidate for creating Help Centre pages.


Combining this block with other listing page blocks, you can get a professional Help Center index page in no time.

Page block for displaying a help article

If you want to have a simpler format for your articles, you may like the following page block.


It has a title and article content, which is suitable for help articles.

Page block for displaying a roadmap

To get a living, up-to-date product roadmap instead of a static, presentation-only one, we've created a new page block in this release.


As we are able to change the data of any page blocks in Document Node including this roadmap page block, it's no-brainer to keep your roadmap up-to-date.


Miscellaneous improvements & fixes

  • Fixed the home link of breadcrumb appending back slashes in URL automatically