Improved the image thumbnails popup

To make it easier to preview an image before inserting it into the current document, we added a preview area to the image thumbnails popup.


A bigger preview will be shown on the right side when your mouse is over a thumbnail.

Improved site generator following SEO best practices

In this version, we've followed a long list of SEO best practices, and make sure Document Node can automatically generate all the information required by search engines. Some of the details are listed below:

  • Generate unique and optimal page titles
  • Generate unique and optimal page description
  • Set image ALT text automatically
  • Generate short but accurate URLs for site pages
  • Generate canonical URLs
  • Generate robots.txt
  • Generate sitemap.xml

Improved security for hosting service

A few security settings have been applied in Document Node hosting service.

  • Set MIME types explicitly
  • Configured HSTS (HTTP Strict Transport Security) response headers for hosted websites
  • Enabled content sniffing protection automatically
  • Enabled clickjack protection automatically
  • Enabled XSS protection automatically

Miscellaneous Improvements & Fixes

  • Improved the font style of text editor line numbers
  • In Editor-only mode, use the same color of text editor background in the window title bar on macOS
  • Don't empty folders in the docs navigation, Table of Contents, and listing page blocks
  • Improved text editor performance while typing
  • Improved the moving operation by drag-and-drop on the projects tree
  • When no documents are open, switch to the document view automatically
  • Fixed an issue of detecting the Mind Map central topic
  • Improved the image resizing handles in the rich text editor to enable mouse-click on the underlying image
  • Removed unnecessary toolbar icons on the preview page