Document List View

Instead of listing icons of a folder, we developed a document list view to show summaries of documents. As shown in the cover image, we can quickly navigate and preview the documents in the same folder.

The document list view can be closed if we don't need it. Clicking on a folder on the left side will open the list view again.

Linux Snap Store

We have published the latest version to the Linux Snap Store.

Now Document Node can be easily installed using the command line:

sudo snap install documentnode

The Linux Snap Store version needs zenity to open external files in the app. Please install via sudo apt install zenity if you don't have zenity.

From now on, each new version will be published to the Linux Snap Store as well. Linux Snap users will be able to get the updates quickly and easily.

Microsoft Store

The latest version of Document Node has also been published to the Microsoft Store.

From now on, any updates will be published to the Microsoft Store as well.

Miscellaneous Improvements & Fixes

  • Fixed an issue that the preview should be hidden when taking a screenshot on macOS
  • Fixed issues of updating preview on macOS
  • Fixed images flickering issues on the preview pane
  • Improved the document section location scrolled to when a heading is selected from the outline pane
  • Fixed the Mind Map icon state issue on Windows and Linux
  • Fixed an issue that clicking mailto: links in the preview pane should open the default mail app

Features Planned in Next Version

If you haven't seen your favorite features in this version, they will probably be included in the next version. We have planned the following features to be developed soon. Please stayed tuned.

  • Edit documents in separate windows
  • Clean and elegant display of internal links and backlinks
  • Allow creating tags and navigating using tags easily