Version 1.5.3 (stable)

Images organized in media folder

In previous versions, when importing new images into a document, they are put alongside the document file. In result, documents and images are mixed together, which makes it harder to organize the folder.

In this version, we have improved it to automatically put all images into a top level media folder, when inserting new images, pasting images from clipboard, or dragging images into documents.

For old image files in your document folders, please manually drag them into the top level media, all referred links of documents will be updated automatically.

It's quick and easy to move files to a different folder in Document Node, so you can maintain a proper folder structure at any time with hassle-free.

What if the files being moved (e.g. images or documents) are referred in other documents as links? From this version, they will be handled automatically. All matched internal links of all documents in the project will be updated automatically to point to the new file locations.

Miscellaneous Improvements & Fixes

  • Fixed an app crash issue when opening Markdown files from Mail app directly
  • Fixed an app crash issue when clicking Mind Map node editing icon multiple times
  • Fixed issues when dragging files from Document Node to other applications like Chrome
  • When moving images or files, all referred links in documents will be updated automatically
  • Outdated files will not be shown in the internal links auto-complete popup
  • Display relative paths in the internal links auto-complete popup