Polished UI Layout

In this version, we improved the UI layout significantly to make it easier to understand and use. A separate toolbar has been introduced below the standard window titlebar. A full-test search box has been added to the centre of the main toolbar. The file tabs bar has been moved to the right side above the main workspace.


Four pane switcher icons have been arranged on the toolbar to show or hide four major panes:

  • Navigation pane
  • Editor pane
  • HTML5 preview pane
  • Mind Map pane

With these switchers, the panes can work together in different combinations. For example, when only the navigation pane and the preview pane are shown, the app works like a reader. When only the editor pane and Mind Map pane are shown, we can concentrate on the content editing with the support of a Mind Map view.

For more information, please see the video tutorial below:

Improvements & Fixes

  • Improved document Preview pane rendering
  • Improved Mind Map section content preview using HTML5
  • Fixed Mind Map toolbar dragging issue
  • Fixed loading issues in document list view
  • Improved spelling check to only happen to the active window
  • Improved the toggleable icons on the navigation pane header to not switch to a different view when they are unchecked
  • Fixed an issue in web preview so clicking a link of local file (e.g. docx) should open the file using the default application